New QSLs:

JOTB NHK-2 Matsue via Masuda 1539 e using the contact form

HLKI KBS1 Daejeon 882 e-mail from Daejong, v/s Guk-Jin promised to send QSL card by mail. I made customs declaration of the letter and some weeks later proper QSL together with KBS wallet  arrived.

HLAT MBC Yeosu 1080 and

HLAO MBC Chungju 1332 Len Mok from MBC Jeonju verified that I’ve heard these MBC stations. According to news Yeosu was closed down on 8 September 2022 and Chungju in 2021.

OBU7Z Pachamama R., Puno 850 answered already via Messenger but now also Mauricio Rodríguez Director, Ejecutivo sent e-mail and long pdf-letter verifying my report.

KOGO San Diego CA 600 e, v/s Mary Ayala

KHTS Canyon Country CA 1220 e-mail, v/s Carl Goldman was on a cruise ship  close to Tromsö in Norway

WNBF Binghamton NY 1290 e, v/s David Chandler, Engineering, Townsquare Media – Binghamton. TNX TPM!

WXRL Lancaster NY 1300 e-mail, v/s Linda Lou

WHWH Princeton NJ 1350  Messenger


QSLs in August

Rock Power, Nijmegen 7270 nice e-mail reply from Hans

BBC Radio Cornwall 630, Redruth/Lanner Hill 630 E-mail for f-up made on the closing announcements of this AM station.

RNE5 Zamora 1152 e-mail from Zamora, v/s Luis Angel García Lera sent also a picture of the studio and his computer having a verification letter to me.

HLAO MBC Joenju 855e-mail from Joenju, v/s Lena Mok

ZYJ766 Jovem Pan News, Joinville SC 1250 My first Instagram verification

ZYH469 R Cultura, Paulo Afonso, BA 1360 Messenger verification for f-up

OBU7Z Pachamama R., Puno 850 via Messenger for f-up.

WEZE Boston MA 590 via McAllen Ministries, v/s Leslie Mitchell Service Specialist

KFWB Los Angeles CA 980  Messenger

Radio Lukavac, Lukavac 96.7, e-mail, v/s  Ermin Ribić

Hitrádio City Brno, Brno  tx 99.0 via Messenger

Oxygène Melun, Melun tx  88.4 via WA. I heard local program for Melun

BBC Radio Lancashire 95.5. e-mail, v/s Andy Stevenson, Operations Engineer, BBC Radio Lancashire & BBC Radio Cumbria

Downtown R, Belfast 96.4 e.mail v/s Conor Ewings is also DXer

Radio Linea Numero Uno, Rapino (ch) tx 87.8 e-mail, v/s Marco Adami



RNE RN Jaén 621

RNE RN Valladolid (CL) 729 

RNE RN Orense 774 

RNE RN Lugo 801 

RNE R5 Valladolid 936

RNE RN Lugo, Monforte de Lemos 972

RNE R5 Lugo, Monforte de Lemos 1503. All RNE stations were heard with local program and  QSLs via e-mail from Madrid.

RTL2 92.2  from France, e-mail, v/s Guillaume Piau

 New QSLs:

RTA Laghouat 702 via Messenger from Laghouat

PBC Ramallah 675  For audio clip dating back to 1998. Palestine is not any more of AM band, the station was bombed long time ago,.  TNX JMS!

HJMV Radio Furatena, Chiquinquirá 1060 e -mail verfication

HJ-- RCN Sincelejo/Buenaventura/Pasto 1340 &

HJ… RCN Rionegro/Popayán 1370 RCN has issued new  QSLs! I got two of them with FedEx shipment at my door.  They were signed by Ing. Jose Alfredo Cano, Gerente Tecnico Nacional and sent by his secretary Talia Ruth Ladino together with a short letter.

2ME Sydney 1637.8 e, v/s Sid Merhi, Managing Director. He sent also a promotional video om their live broadcasts.  I listened to  Sydney transmitter based on the split frequency.

WPRV Providence RI 790 e, v/s Doug MacGunnigle , Program Director

Sud Radio 90.0 This Belgian station answered via Messenger

France Bleu Bourgogne, Troyes-tx  87.8 e, v/s Jean-Marie Gauthier. TNX TIK.

Radio ROKS  Kharkiv, Kharkiv-tx 89.3 and

Radio ROKS  Dnipro, Dnipro tx  90.5 I heard local commercials for Kharkiv and Dnipro.  Answer by Messenger. Слава Україні!

 Latest QSLs:

BBC Radio Solent 999, Fareham 999 &  BBC Radio Solent 1359, Bournemouth 1359.  E, v/s Nick Roberts, Senior Operations Engineer.  I heard BBC Solent in  Spring 2020 with local closing announcements on these two frequencies. Thanks JM.

ZYJ457 Rádio MEC, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 800 Full data pdf-QSL

ZYI535 R. Educadora, Braganca, PA 1390 is now on FM 93.7 MH, but Silvio Fontinele answered my f-up with long letter in Fiinnsh, lots of pictures and greetings from the staff.

NHK1 Matsuyama, Niihama 531 letter from Matsuyama.  They verified my report from local program, but said that they do not issue any more QSL cards. Probably FFF.

JOBO/JOBW KBS Kinki Hoso.1215 full data QSL card

KMHL Marshall MN 1400 e-mail via station´s web formula, v/s Heath Radke

Radio Relizane 90.8.  My first Algerian station. Heard in Central Finland, distance 3450 km. Nice Es opening bringing many Algerian stations.   At first they did not believe I heard them using radio, since they are heard normally only in the vicinity.  However,  later they  wrote that maybe wind and sea had helped the signal to reach Finland. Messenger

Pravda Radio, Smetanichi tx 88.1, e after long time from this Bielorussian station, v/s  Evgeny Boyarchuk, radio host

Champagne FM, Reims. Romilly-sur-Seine-tx 91.7 via Messenger

Ciao Radio, Bologna 93.25  via Messenger

 Latest QSLs:

RNE R5 Sevilla 603 QSL card

RN RN Sevilla 684 QSL-card

COPE Cordoba 1215 e, v/s Manuel Marín  Servicios Técnicos Andalucía Oriental. TNX  TPM & JP 

DXKS Surigao City 1080 Messenger, TNX JM.

XEBCS La Radio de Surcalifornia, La Paz BS 1050 via Messenger, TNX LAL

ZYH709 Radio Jovem Pan News, Brasilia DF 750 e, v/s Alvaro Nocera, Chefe de reportage wrote in Finnish

ZYI825 Radio Canção Nova, Gravatá PE

1480 This station is now on FM, but the verified my f-up report via Messenger.

KGYN Guymon OK 1210 e, v/s Greg Steckline. TNX JTA

KSPT Sandpoint ID 1400 e, v/s Dylan Benefield,  Blue Sky Broadcasting

Rock FM, Bucuresti. Cluj-Napoca -tx. 92.2 via reply in Romanian via Messenger

Zhelezo FM, Zheleznogorsk (KU)  99.0 via VK

Pannon Rádió , Subotica 91.5 e, v/s Agárdi Gábor, igazgatóhelyettes, Pannon RTV

Radio Krym Realii, Kiev 103.8, e v/s Andrii Hevko, Crimea Realities producer (RFE/RL)


New QSLs

BBC Asian Network, Wolverhampton 828 e, v/s Ankur Desai

RNE RN Zaragoza 639, e

Radio Lesotho, Maseru Lancer’s Gap 639; Ultimate FM,  Maseru, Lancer’s Gap 891 via Messenger

Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka Savar 630;  Dhaka Savar  819 ; Rajshahi  846; Chittagong 873; Barishal 1287; R Bangladesh FS, Khabirpur 15520.   Hand written verification card and letter, signed by Towhidur Rahman, Senior Engineer, Research & Receiving Centre

JOAD NHK1 Okinawa via Nago 531 QSL card and postcards from Okinawa

XEACH Monterrey, NL 770 e, v’s  Gustavo Galindo Berber

ZYJ46 R Relogio, Rio de Janeiro RJ 580 Messenger, 2.5 years without f-up.  The v/s told that he/she is on the air and will send greetings to me.  I’ve QSL from Rádio Relogio Federal already on SW 4905 kHz.

Radio Jih. Hodonín -tx 88.9 via Messenger for f-up.   They told that they had answered me year ago, but somehow I had not received their message..

R Zlín, Zlín 91.7 e, v/s Michal Pistolas, programový konzultant. The station is now HitRadio Zlin.

Akademickie Radio Luz, Wroclaw 91.6 Messenger verification

  New QSLs in March

Smooth Radio Kent, Hoo St. Werburgh 1242  I heard local commercials for Kent, e-mail reply.

RNE RN Bilbao, Pais Vasco 639 e

RNE RN Pontevedra, Galicia 855 e

JOHG NHK1 Kagoshima  576 letter, I was thanked for valuable report, but they wrote that unfortunately the company does not issue any more QSL cards

HLSA KBS2 Happy FM, Namyang  603 full data QSL-card, stickers. I got a letter stating that I have to do customs declaration.  I made it myself in the internet, estimated the value of the contents to be quite low  and did not have to pay tax. After a week the letter arrived.

HLKA KBS1 Sorae 711 Full data QSL, via customs.

XEUT Tijuana BC 1630 Messenger verification for f-up.  Wikipedia: “On October, 2022, UABC Radio ceased broadcast operations on its terrestrial stations, and moved the station's College Radio format (which was branded as "UABC para tus oídos") to online only.”

WPPC R Felicidad, Peñuelas 1570 e, tnx TPM!

ZYK773 R Cumbica, Guarulhos SP 1500 via FB for f-up , now Gru FM 84.7, they had recognised the voice of  Ione Oliveria. Still on their FB page they announce R Cumbia on 1500 AM.

YVNS R Reloj, Maracaibo 1300 This station was closed down years ago. I had recording of La Voz de Liberacion with station identification.  Maros Souza from Igreja Pentecostal Deus e Amor verified my report.  

KONA Kennewick-Richland WA 610 e, v/s Robb Francis, Director of Operations, Spoken Word. TNX JTA

Tok FM  Rzeszów tx  93.6 & Tok FM  Bydgoszcz tx 98.5 e, v/s Kamila Ceran


Latests QSLs

Smooth Radio Dorset, Bournemouth 828  I had heard local commercials for Dorset region. Now reply via e-mail, v/s Kelsey

RNE RN Ponferrada 855. E-mail from Ponferrada, a picture of the staff at Ponferrada was attached. V/s Paco Revilla. Ponferrada is one of the rare stations on 855 kHz, so I was lucky to hear it at my summer cottage at the end of January

RNE RN Córdoba, Cabra (AND) 972 e-mail verification from Córdoba

RNE R5 Castilla y León, Soria 1125 e from Soria, v/s David Sánchez, redactor de informativos de TVE en Soria.  And later for the World Radio Day interview for RTVE in Spanish was made using Google Meets and aired in Spanish Television..

COPE León 1215 Now when Absolute R  stopped broadcasting on 1215 Cope León has been heard daily.  However, Córdoba seems to be more difficult one

NHK2 Hokkaido, Nayoro/Obihiro/Muroran 1125,

JOPC NHK2 Hokkaido, Kushiro 1152 letter and QSL card. Unfortunately Hokkaido NHJ stations do not give call sign identification as other NHK2 stations  do, they just id as "NHK daini hoso desu". However, the same identification and same announcer on many Hokkaido frequencies was adequate proof that this was their identification

Sor Wor Thor - R Thailand, Tak 864  e-mail from R Thailand WS

HO.. La Primerisíma, Panamá 1470 via Messenger

HJRL Antena de Los Andes, Santa Rosa de Cabal 1520  I heard them late January at my cottage and got fast reply via WA

WHTK Rochester NY 1280 e-mail, v/s Joe Lomonaco ,  Creative Services Director, iHeart Media Rochester

KPUR Amarillo TX 1440, e v/s Craig Vaughn, Operations Manager/Program Director/Production Director Cumulus Amarillo. TNX JTA!

KMPC Los Angeles CA 1540  e from this Radio Korea station



More QSLs in January:

Radio Attiva, Media Veneta Radio, Piove di Sacco 1278  e-mail

RNE RN Malaga 729 e-mail from Malaga

RNE RN Granada 774 e-mail from Granada stating that on air was “ nuestra compañera Mayte Frontiñán contando las noticias de Granada.”

SER Radio Melilla, Melilla 1485 I’ve been trying to hear this station for many, many years. In late January I finally succeeded when visiting at my summer cottage and Melilla was heard with fine signal strenght. And directora Antonia Ramos Peláez was herself on air and send e-mail and attached a PDF verification letter. Now I have all SER stations verified on 1485 kHz. Only missing SER is Girona on 1008 kHz.

JOVK NHK1 Hakodate 675, letter, QSL-card, v/d Natsumi Ozeki, Public Relations Section, Sapporo Regional Headquarters, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, 9-1-5 Kita1- jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060-8703

JOQK NHK1 Niigata via Takada 792 e-mail, two pictures of Takada station attached

LU9 Radio Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata BA 670 via Messsenger

HCBD1 R Monumental, Quito 1510  On air verification. I send my audio clip to the DJ on air while watching and listening their live programme on Facebook. And I saw the locutora listening to her phone and reading something.  And soon I got greetings and verification stating that yes it was really Monumental I had listened to.  Later I listened and recorded  the verification from their FB page where the program was stored.

 First QSLs of 2023:

Sunshine R, Ludlow 855 via Messenger

RNE RN Burgos (CL) 801 e-QSL

RNE R5 Valladolid 936 e-QSL

JOPB NHK2 Shizuoka 639 v/s Kenichi Ito, letter, QSL-card, stickers

RAB Aomori Hoso, Noheji  1062,

JOGE RAB Aomori Hoso 1215 QSL-card, program schelude

NHK1 Tohoku Regional, Kuji/Tono/Yokote/Sameura/Shinjo/Tajima/Iwaki 1341  e from NHK Morioka

LT7 Radio Provincia de Corrientes, Corrientes CS 900  Heard with nice identifications at AIH in October, now verification via WA, they recognised the announcer on air

L..... AM Renacer, Moreno BA 1340 e, v/s Dario Riobo, Operador Tecnico de Radio Renacer

ZYH519 R Novo Tempo, Salvador, BA 920  via WA, tnx JTA

CW33 La Nueva Radio, Florida 1200 via Messenger, v/s Telma Barcos Torena.  She made news report of my reception report:

ZP13 Radio Chaco Boreal, Asuncion 1330 v/s Vladimir Jara, producer of Punto Rojo program.  In January the program is now audible on Mil AM rom Asucnción.

KZMQ Greybull WY 1140 e, v/s Rita Conners / VP of Business Affairs. TNX JTA.

WJAS Pittsburgh PA 1320 Messenger

KTOQ Rapid City SD 1340 e, v/s Ted Peiffer, General Manager/Sales Manager

X977, Vestmannaeyjabæ   90.4 e-mail for f-up from this Icelandic station

Radioblu (Fabriano). Cingoli -tx 92.0 e, v/s Tulio Luciano